Dietrich Gustav Hartner


Dietrich Gustav Hartner was born on October 23, 1919 in Hamburg, Germany. Both of his parents died before he reached the age of 12 under mysterious circumstances, possibly involving his father’s activities in the early stages of the formation of the Ahnenerbe society. No record of his primary or secondary educational record has ever been recovered suggesting that Heinrich Himmler had his records expunged after his induction into the Ahnenerbe society sometime between 1938 and 1940. [Time frame inferred from records of his scientific contributions and research within the society] Due to his extensive knowledge of various scientific subjects at an expert or near expert level it is assumed that he was personally recruited at the earliest opportunity. Although there is no official record his listing in the Ahnenerbe society states that he received at least one doctorate level degree.

His work within the Ahnerebe society consisted mostly of supporting research until 1942 when his aptitude for constructing and understanding mechanical devices led to him being put in charge of the reverse engineering of an previously unknown teleportation device. The original device was never recovered, but Dr. Hartner’s plans were and are currently located in [REDACTED]. He was also credited with the creation of several advanced weapons and metal alloys. [Some samples recovered] However many of his inventions and research projects were lost during his apparent escape from the facility he was working in.

On Feburary 18, 1945 he walked into the Allied headquarters in Paris and requested asylum. There was no evidence of his movement through allied lines until this point, as if he just appeared outside the building. After a brief interrogation he was taken into foundation custody. He then led a special team to the site of his lab, which had been completely demolished by an unknown internal explosion.

After some deliberation he was allowed to join the foundation as a field agent in return for information about the occult activities of the Ahnenerbe society. His only requests are that a work station be kept open for his personal use, and to be consulted on all SCP projects related to the Ahnenerbe society. [Approved]

Dr. Dietrich Gustav Hartner is currently assigned to site 117-91A.

Dietrich Gustav Hartner

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