Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe, Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 10mx10m cell with no windows open to the outside and only one door entering, set against a corner. One-way mirrors are to be installed in at least two of the walls. Set into each corner will be a camera, the footage of which shall be changed only by Class-D personnel wearing appropriate clothing. Clothing should be bulky enough to prevent identification of sex, age, etc. Masks or face-obscuring helmets should also be utilized. No personnel are allowed to speak directly to the object, unless they make considerable effort to alter their voice, and then only if such instruction proves necessary. For example, if subject is uncooperative or is making requests. During this time SCP-XXXX will be instructed to sit in the center of the room. Furniture allowed shall have no space below it in which SCP-XXXX can hide. A twin-sized bed with box spring shall be provided and installed via 3” concrete fixture into one corner, opposite the door. This is to prevent SCP-XXXX from getting underneath it. The object will be given a blanket and pillow for sleep purposes only, and only at assigned sleep times. See attached file for specifics. At no time should SCP-XXXX be allowed to think that it has escaped visual observation, regardless of whether or not visual observation is available. Again, SCP-XXXX is not allowed to gain visual specifics of any Foundation personnel.
Description: “Natural” form is a light-gray skinned humanoid with no discernible genitalia and no external ears, although it does possess auditory canals. A slight prominence of slope on the front of the face can be associated with a nose; paired nostrils are present. Its eyes are a flat black with nictitating membranes for eye-lids. Mouth contains 34 incisor-type teeth, indicating a carnivorous or omnivorous diet. Lips are very thin. Age of object is unapparent; SCP-XXXX has indicated knowledge of events as far back as YYY years.

SCP-XXXX is a doppelganger-type sapient humanoid entity that can accurately duplicate any person it has touched. Sight-based duplicates are 80% accurate when it has viewed a subject from one position, and 90% accurate if viewed from multiple angles. It is unclear at this time if such remarkably high accuracy is a factor of the object’s skill, experience, or physiology. At this time it is not known how many people SCP-XXXX can duplicate, as it has shown remarkable versatility in this area. Observed duplicates currently number at 23 (a combination of field work & captive observation).

Object was initially identified by SCP-ZZ, in use by Agent VVVVVV. Object was masquerading as a Belgian woman working in occupied Paris as a pushcart bread vendor; object was actually selling/transporting zip-guns and other contraband to the Resistance. Items were baked or inserted into tough-crusted breads, usually sold as the codename: “two-day-olds.”
Transcript from 05 Special Hearing 1100 Hours, 14 June, 1945. 05 member names provided as alphabetical designations for note-taking purposes only. Identity of 05 members in attendance shall remain anonymous. SCP-XXXX referred to as “mimic” for the purposes of this transaction.
Dr. A (functioning as Chairman): Gentlemen, ladies, if we are all situated? I believe Dr. B has some remarks before we begin.
Dr. B: Thank you, chairman. Presently we shall be interviewing SCP-XXXX, codenamed “mimic,” a doppelganger type SCP that we picked up in France. If you will look at the dossier before you, you’ll see the specifics. [Opening of folders, 05’s reading.]
Dr. C: It says here that it’s female when we picked it up; after it was subdued it reverted to—this?
Dr. B: That’s correct, we believe that to be its natural form.
Dr. D: Uh, says here that it sounds masculine in its normal voice? Oh—I see, Officer H— spoke with it after it escaped fluid draw.
Dr. E: It woke up from sedation and attacked people? Thorazine is an animal tranquilizer. How did it—?
Dr. C: Horse tranquilizer, to be specific. I’d say from the dosage it was taking about twice what would knock out a pony or very large dog. Judging from the nutrient intake, it was consuming about three times normal human level of proteins for someone of its size.
Dr. D: Damn. That’s a lot of protein. Must be a carnivore.
Dr. C: Mostly, I’d say. Signs of atrophy on less proteins than that. Must’ve been able to metabolize the sedative very quickly after reaching internal homeostasis.
Dr. B: I believe I’d like to speak with Officer H— first.
Dr. A: Agreed. Motion passed? [looks around]. J—, bring in Officer H—, please.
Dr. C: Good afternoon, Officer H—, we would like to ask you some questions concerning the containment breach of SCP-XXXX. First, please describe in your own words, the event.
Officer H: Well, ma’am, it was just a routine overwatch job; do’em all the time. That thing was lying there, had a respirator mask on its face and the scientists were drawing fluids in needles. Everything was fine, and suddenly it opened its eyes. Dr. uh, SSSSS, I think, noticed first. She jumped back and said “Oh, God, it’s awake!” That was when shit went to hell. It changed, into like a 12-year-old girl, I think, and its arms and legs came out of the restraints—they were too big to hold it anymore. It whipped the mask off its face and sort of slammed the table, bumped it up in the air where it whipped around—like a cat—I seen my sister’s cat do that. The turning move. Anyway, it landed but its arms and legs was all wrong. [Officer H looks up at panel for the first time, Dr. D nods to continue.] Its arms were too long and its legs were kinda pulled back, it looked like a spider, but only four legs. Limbs. Whatever.
Dr. B: Please continue, Officer. What happened next?
Officer H: Well, folks were pretty surprised at that, it was just so fast. It looked around to each side, quick-like, then slapped Dr. SSSSS in the face and kicked another scientist in the chest—at the same time! It was weird, the way it balanced [Officer H is trying to demonstrate the act] like, I dunno, a lizard or somethin’.
Dr. A: And when did it actually escape the lab?
Officer H: Oh, well, it leaped about 20 feet and plowed Officer G— to the ground, then pushed its way through the door. I noticed that it had taken Officer G’s weapon as it moved, so I began chasing it down the corridor. I almost didn’t recognize it at first, ‘cause it looked like Officer G— from the back, running down the hall. Fast. There were too many people along the way for me to get a clear shot, and…well, it turned a corner so I started hauling ass after it. I was shoutin’ the whole time “Stop it! Stop that man!” So, it turned right and I knew I had ‘im—it had run into the Class D barracks shouting about “containment breach, evacuate,” that sort of thing. When I caught up, I instructed the guard on duty to just lock the door; he told me he knew there wasn’t an exit from there.
Dr. F: And then what happened?
Officer H: Well, I had it good and trapped. I called for backup, and six of us and a canine unit went in and ordered the Class D’s to form up by their bunks, and we walked through looking. Two men were stationed at the doors with instructions to shoot anyone attempting to leave, no exceptions. The door guards were instructed that they could let people leave once the SCP was contained, or instruction came from outside of the room. Those instructions came from the Sergeant of the Guard, Officer VVVVVV.
Dr. F: Officer VVVVVV is also Agent VVVVVV, the field agent that captured SCP-XXXX. Officer H was not informed of this. Go ahead, Officer.
Officer H: Oh, okay. Well, we spotted Officer G’s weapon stowed under a bunk, then we brought in a dog team to sniff out the SCP. That wasn’t working, so Officer VVVVVV had us raise the heat in the room by 15 degrees. We waited ‘till everybody was sweatin’ then we went back through. The dog started goin’ nuts at this one guy, who jumped back and grabbed a broom, and took up a defensive posture. That’s when it spoke. “I’m not like the others, you idiots,” it said. At that point Officer VVVVVV instructed everyone to stand down and move back to the front of the barracks. He walked up with his hands out, unarmed, and started talking with the thing quietly. Eventually he came back to us & told us the SCP was safe, and contained, that there was just some confusion and we could leave. I looked over and it had set the broom down, and was standing there with its arms folded like it was waiting on a train. Eventually somebody opened up the door and Officer VVVVVV left with the SCP & backup team, including the canine unit, and I’ve been in the D’s ever since.
Dr. A: Thank you, Officer, your account is going to be of great use to us. You are excused. [Officer leaves.] What do you say we take lunch, then reconvene in an hour? [Assembled 05’s agree, exit.]
Transcript from 05 Special Hearing 1215 Hours, 14 June, 1945. 05 member names provided as alphabetical designations for note-taking purposes only. Identity of 05 members in attendance shall remain anonymous. SCP-XXXX referred to as “mimic” for the purposes of this transaction.
Dr. A: (to Dr. B) I’m really surprised the cafeteria can get quality chicken salad, I mean, we’re in the boonies out here.
Dr. B: Agreed. Looks like everyone’s back—yes, there’s Dr. E. Time to get started?
Dr. A: (knocks gavel on desk) OK, everyone let’s do a quick recap. We’ve all had ample time to read the file, and review Officer H’s testimony. Thoughts?
Dr. C: I would say that, given the circumstances, the subject’s reaction to being probed and tested is actually quite normal, for human standards. We’ve had worse reactions in people, actually.
Dr. D: Yes, SCP-MMM really did a number when she got ahold of that scalpel.
Dr. E: I concur. I think we should interview the subject; Dr. S—didn’t really experience much of anything useful for determining sapience, and she was incapacitated quickly when the subject escaped.
Dr. B: I think that we should take some better precautions than a few masks…let’s set up an interview room similar to its cell; one-way mirror, a speaker inside, some distortion.
Dr. A: Excellent idea. Each of us will write questions down on a chalkboard and only one person will read. Any volunteers?
Dr. E: I’ll do it. I’m on the Ethics Committee, after all.
(Everyone chuckles.)
Dr. A: Motion seconded? (Dr’s. B, D, & F raise hands). Passed. Let’s adjourn until we get this set up.



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